Budgeting Essentials

Budgeting Essentials will help learners understand how to set up, create and make the most of a budget.

This session pack includes key resources you need to run an engaging in person session, including a presentation, learner workbook, and a detailed trainer guide.

Disclaimer - please note, these resources have been designed and created for face-to-face delivery in a printed format, and we do not recommend delivering the material in a digital setting. We are working to fix this issue and improve the accessibility of the documents. We will refresh the materials when this has been completed. If you require any further support, please contact us at theacademy@bankofscotland.co.uk


  • Understanding the benefits of having a budget
  • Creating a budget
  • Setting up an emergency fund
  • Using online budgeting tools effectively

Other resources

Have any questions about the resources or need a little more guidance in running a session? Let us know! Get in touch with us at theacademy@bankofscotland.co.uk

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